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Our division gives a number of different courses, primarily for students on the engineering programs in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, and for students in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Technology master programs. We also supervise diploma work projects and other project courses related to the research at the division. 

The courses we give are listed below, including the respective course codes. For more detailed information about the different courses we refer to the course plans available on the LTH Courses website. Below you can also find links to the educational programs where our courses are included, and to available diploma work projects.

List of courses

  • Introduction to Biotechnology (KBTA05)
  • Cell Biology (KBKF05)
  • Biochemistry (KBKA10)
  • Gene Technology (KBKF01)
  • Protein Engineering (KBKN05)
  • Enzyme technology (KBKN01)
  • Bioinformatics (KBKN10)
  • Technical Biology (KBKA05)
  • Course in synthetic biology (KBKF10)

Links to more information

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