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Gene group

The research primarily involves different aspects of proteins and nucleic acids. Gene technology is an important tool in our research group in order to produce recombinant proteins or for protein engineering. The proteins has potential use in medical, biomaterial, nanotechnological, enivironmental and agricultural applications. We are also working in devloping new chromatographic separation technologies.

Research projects


Recombinant production and engineering of an enamel maxtrix protein with many potential applications

Researchers: Johan Bonde, Leif Bülow

Chromatographic separation technology

New materials for biomolecule separation, with focus on nucleic acid separation.

Researchers: Tiago Matos, Leif Bülow

Hemoglobin and Haptoglobin

Research on proteins of interest for blood substitutes, as well as research on plant hemoglobins.

Researchers: Nélida Leiva Eriksson, Sandeep Chakane, Khuanpiroon Ratanasopa, Leif Bülow

Silk proteins

Biomaterial research

Researchers: Cedric Dicko

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